Farmers Market Baskets in Kennesaw, GA

by Reesa on March 12, 2012

Farmers Market Baskets

I’ve known about Farmers Market Baskets for a long time.  Actually, I know about a ton of resources around Atlanta that I’ve never used for various reasons – mostly being afraid that I would not be happy with the contents of a box/basket. I am such a picky eater am always afraid that I’ll end up wasting half the food.

A friend of mine recently mention that she was going to join the Farmers Market Baskets Coop in Kennesaw, GA.  She mentioned that they had drop-off points for their produce boxes all around so I clicked on the link to revisit the site.  They do have a drop-off site near me (but not as close as a few other co-op/CSA resources).  I’m on a mission to try one or two a month this spring.

When I saw that you could try out a basket without paying the $10 co-op fee, that you could pick up a basket at their Kennesaw location on Tuesdays or Thursdays (Thursday being the key for me last week), and that I had actually looked at something BEFORE the weekly deadline, I gave it a shot.

I bought the large organic basket for $30, an extra bag of organic apples for $5, and then a few extra organic peppers for $0.33 each, bananas for $0.25 each.  My total was under $39.

I’m making a new chard recipe and cooked carrots tonight.  I already got all the peppers sliced and diced, flash frozen, and bagged up.  The yellow bananas and strawberries are long gone and the rest of the fruit will be served this week and next.

I was very impressed with the staff there and was so thankful that even as busy as they were when I stopped by, they took the time to show me around, understand their system, and get the food I ordered.  They even explained how the process works should I choose to pick-up in my area.

After getting this box, I definitely know that our family doesn’t need a large box each week during busy season when Brian eats 2-3 nights at work.  I’ve already gifted away a couple items.  The only thing I regret is not looking closely at their small box for comparison sake.

As I mentioned, I have several other co-ops to look into but I was very pleased with this one.  I am working to get food planted in our backyard but know that even if I can start successfully gardening in our backyard, I will still have produce needs throughout the year.  I want a firm buying plan in place by January 1, 2013!  As I add resources to our plan, I will post them here.


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1 Becky March 12, 2012 at 9:10 pm

Yay! Glad you tried it. Yes, the $20 organic with a few a la carte items was just right for us for the week. Can’t wait to get my next basket tomorrow!


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